Now it feels True

Of the many things we’re getting used to doing virtually by now, winning awards is not one of them. So we’re delighted that our physical 2021 Promotional Gift Award arrived in the post and we can feel it in our hands. Now it feels True.

As we reported in January, we’ve won the 2021 edition of our industry’s top award for QS40 True Biotic, the plastic-free pen casing made with biobased and renewable biopolymers. And just like last year, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with in-office celebrations – and hope that HAPTICA®️ Live, the big awards ceremony event, can take place in person next year.

If you’re in the market for innovative, truly sustainable, award-winning writing instruments for your haptic advertising campaigns, get your hands on QS40 True Biotic today.

Photo credits: Product Manager Laura Bazzali and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Dr. Eckhard Sohns with the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2021.