QS40 wins the Promotional Gift Award. Again.

Last year, QS40 Air won the Promotional Gift Award. Its spectacular and significantly more sustainable design uses 60% less plastic (30% of which is recycled from our own production waste). This year we re-entered the QS40 into the contest, but one made of a different material that is nothing short of revolutionary.

This material is True Biotic, and it helped QS40 take the prize again. Made with innovative, biobased and renewable biopolymers , the casing of the QS40 True Biotic is 100% biodegradable even in natural environments without the need for industrial composting.

The Promotional Gift Award is top honours in our industry, and we’re delighted that the jury has confirmed our in-house R&D team’s relentless pursuit of solutions with substantially less impact on the environment.

With another industry recognition for another sustainable milestone achieved, we’re excited to see where our R&D team will go in 2021.