The new QS40 True Biotic: Created by nature for nature

Biopolymers are basic building blocks of living organisms – and the revolutionary raw material with which Prodir is producing the casing for the all-new QS40 True Biotic.

Thanks to the use of biobased, biodegradable and non-toxic biopolymers (PHAs), Prodir is now setting new sustainability benchmarks. PHAs are not only generated by microorganisms by way of natural processes such as biosynthesis, but are also capable of fully degrading without residues: the carbon cycle is closed, the entire material transformed, and nothing is lost.

“A True Biotic casing,“ as Eckhard Sohns, Prodir’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, relates, “can be buried in the earth in your garden, where it will contribute to the delicious taste of your organically grown tomatoes. As opposed to other bioplastics, biological degradability is real, rapid and can be achieved anywhere. And in saltwater too: True Biotic will also degrade rapidly and without environmental impact in the sea. This is a genuine game changer.”

In addition to the advantages of biological degradability in natural environments, biopolymers produced by microorganisms (PHAs) also solve crucial problems that arise in connection with the production and application scenarios of traditional PLA-based bioplastics. The production of PHAs does not require the use of arable land or fertilizers that would impact on groundwater. The consumption of water is negligible, while the processes involved are entirely particulate emissions free.

The new QS40 True Biotic is truly unique – and not only on the promotional market. The writing instrument combines credible sustainability and genuinely high-quality design – creating a product with impressive communicative impact. The Promotional Gift Award 2020 was bestowed on the QS40, highlighting its innovative, elegant and material-saving design. The True Biotic version is now available in seven matt colors, from coral orange, to snow white and on to algae green. Down to the last details, like all our writing instruments, the pen is designed for a long service life, and comes equipped as standard with Floating Ball® 1.0 lead-free refills that are significantly less harmful to the environment.

True Biotic was developed by Prodir in close cooperation with the company MAIP, headquartered in Torino. In acknowledgement of its revolutionary «I am Nature» bioplastic, the company garnered the coveted «Global Bioplastics Award 2017.

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