Rediscover the shape of writing

Which shapes shape your memories? That might sound like a funny question, but if you close your mind and think back to being a child, what shapes do you see?

Maybe it’s rectangular birthday presents wrapped to hide boxes of Lego or clothes. The spheres of footballs and volleyballs, the circles of wheels on toy trucks. Octagonal red signs warning you to stop and look both ways before proceeding. And hexagons: when you were first learning to write by hand, your writing instrument may have been yellow, with a hexagonal grip.

That might be part of what’s so powerful about the new QS50 Stone writing instrument: for anyone who grew up with a pencil, this pen is literally the shape of writing. Beautiful and sleek, it’s a totally new addition to our Stone collection. And it already feels like a timeless classic.

Like all our Stone pens, the elegant casing of the QS50 is made of a special material enriched with minerals. This results in a sustainable 60% less plastic. It’s a difference you can feel. When you weigh it in your hand, the QS50 Stone is pleasantly heavy – up to 50% heavier than a standard ABS pen. This extra weight adds to the value perception, meaning that when you gift QS50 Stone – especially in the elegant new PS7 Stone eco box – to prospects, customers, colleagues and friends, it’s a pen they’ll prize for a long time to come.

QS50 Stone is available in a palette of 10 redesigned mineral and metallic colours for 2024, including Black Carbon, Rose Quartz, Jade Green and Lazulite Blue.

Rediscover the shape of writing.