Is that a Prodir pen in your hand, your bag, on your desk? Just check the small embossed name on the side of the clip on your nearest, or favourite pen. There are millions of Prodir pens all over the world, and you may have picked up yours at a trade fair, a company event, or a business meeting.

How do you use your Prodir? Tell us how! Or better, show us how. We invite you to share your Prodir pen experiences on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MyProdir.

Just snap a photo of your Prodir pen in the wild wherever – and however – you use your pen. And we’ll share your post on Prodir’s social media profiles (and give you credit).

Whether you’re ticking off a bucket list or just another daily to-do list, writing a note to a friend or journaling from the terrace of a historic cliffside wooden restaurant, there are lots of moments to use a Prodir pen. Show us yours.

Hope to see you – and your Prodir – soon: #MyProdir

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