New for 2022: DS5 Shell Metal Clip

Delicate, yet enduring. Refined, yet grounded. The elegant, innovative new take on the iconic DS5 is a gift from the sea.

From the depths of the ocean to your customer’s hand, you can almost hear the roaring of the sea in our new DS5 Metal Clip in the Shell version, made from 30% recycled seashells. Yes, you read that correctly. This exquisite version of the DS5 Metal Clip may have had a previous life as an oyster shell in a French Michelin-starred restaurant.

As a raw material, seashells are playing a fascinating role in the sustainability of our planet, from construction to agriculture and everything in between. While 30% of the DS5 Shell Metal Clip is derived from finely ground seashells, half of the remaining 70% comes from ABS plastic, half of which has been recycled or regenerated from internal waste. This is why this model is not only beautiful to look at, but will align well with your business goals for more innovation and sustainability in 2022.

The collecting and repurposing of shells has been part of the spiritual and functional human experience for thousands of years. From jewellery to decorative pieces, to utensils and musical instruments, and even currency, we have long placed great value on the enduring appeal of the seashell. One only needs to look at the Chinese writing system to see how synonymous shells are with the concept of ‘value’. The characters for the words ‘buy’ (買) and ‘sell’ (賣) both contain the pictograph symbol for ‘shell’ (貝). Shell, in other words, is made for doing business.

With a natural finish that exudes sustainability and effortless sophistication, the DS5 Metal Clip could be the perfect choice for your brand message. The distinctive metal clip, available in satiny charcoal, gold, black and silver finishes, adds a touch of luxury, perfect for showcasing your business logo. The DS5 Metal Clip is the perfect ambassador for any campaign with depth, elegance, and integrity.

Besides the Shell version, the DS5 Metal Clip is also available in traditional ABS plastic casings in eight select matt colours. Black and white casings are made of 100% recycled and regenerated ABS plastic, while other colours are made of 50% recycled and regenerated plastic. The silky smooth Soft touch surface is available in all colours for an added touch of comfort and style. Special colours are available from upwards of 10,000 units.