99.99% antibacterial, 100% recycled

Before the COVID-19 public health crisis, there was the environmental crisis. Now, many institutions across Europe are trying to better manage both.

Cities across the world have been converting car lanes into eco-friendly cycle lanes to help metro-wary commuters get to work while maintaining social distance. Tech companies are extending permissions for employees to work remotely, in some cases permanently.

At Prodir, one way we’re tackling both health and sustainability concerns is by developing special models of writing instruments that are recycled and antibacterial: our new Antibacterial Regeneration Pens.

Inhibiting bacteria with Biomaster

For our entire range of Antibacterial Pens, we apply Biomaster technology from Addmaster to create an antibacterial pen casing surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria 99.99% throughout the lifespan of the pen. Based on silver ion technology, Biomaster is one of the world’s most recognized antibacterial additives and is ISO-certified for use in food preparation and medical settings. It’s safe, effective and adds real value in a more hygiene-conscious world.

Sustainable regeneration

We can now apply this surface coating to our DS Regeneration Pens, which include the DS3, DS5 and DS8 models. Regeneration pens are made from 100% % recycled plastic (vs. 30% recycled plastic standard on all other models) which we regenerate from our own production waste. That’s 0km recycling, because new waste doesn’t get imported, and that waste doesn’t leave our doors unless it’s as a new finished product.

And besides the health and safety benefits with the new Antibacterial Regeneration Pens, we’re excited that we get to introduce a new colour for the Regeneration range. The design and logistics journey that began with black, blue and fango, and continued, by perfecting our waste plastic sorting techniques, to red and green, has now brought us to white. Antibacterial Regeneration Pens are available in white from 500 units, and in other standard colours from 5,000 units.

In these delicate times, there are tangible ways for brands to show their commitment to the health of their people, and health of the environment. Antibacterial DS Regeneration Pens are one more tool in your branding toolkit to do just that.