It’s not easy being green. Or red

As Muppet Kermit the Frog famously sang, it’s not easy being green. And as we discovered, when it comes to creating new colours for our pens made of only 100% pure recycled plastic with no additional colouring, it was a lot easier being blue. Or black. Or fango.

But now at Prodir we’re proud to announce that we’ve created not one but two new colours for our line of 100% recycled DS Regeneration pens.

It wasn’t easy, but now we’re green. 100% recycled green. And red, too.

Making these bright, bold new regenerated colours isn’t just a question of mixing up something new in our Colour Department. It’s a whole logistics process that starts the second the waste is produced, to the moment it ships out, transformed into a new pen.

We’d already spent the last few years storing scrap from our manufacturing process to turn into Regeneration Pens. But last year, our recycling took a great leap forward as we began to carefully separate this same waste into new colour types. Through a process of continuous revision and refinement we arrived at two crisp, clean, bright colours that need no additional colouring.

And we’re delighted with the results. These new regenerated red and green colours are available for all orders from our Regeneration line and they pair perfectly with the distinctly more sustainable Floating Ball® lead free refill.

With boldness like this, your brand’s commitment to sustainability will be brighter and clearer than ever.

Just the sort of thing we need in 2020, wouldn’t you agree?