Don’t skip this Stone

A Skype Chat with Product Manager Laura Bazzali about the new QS Stone series.

Open: Hey Laura! I was just about to go out and skip stones in Lake Lugano on my lunch break. It helps me think – and I’ve got to write the new blog post on the QS Stone. Could I ask you a few questions?

Laura: Ok, sure :)

O: So, where did you get the idea for a stone pen? Sounds heavy!

L: Well, it’s not stone – not exactly. But it’s made of a special mineral that you find in the environment.

O: What’s wrong with good old plastic?

L: Plastic in itself isn’t the problem, single use is a problem. We at Prodir focus the longevity of our writing instruments and we invest a lot in research when it comes to sustainable alternatives. That can mean more sustainable materials, or more sustainable processes. And in general we’re trying to open doors to new possibilities in product design so we can all be less dependent on plastic.

O: Which led you… back to the Stone Age?

L: Lol, you could say that. We researched a number of different materials, and were happiest with the potentials of a specific mineral compound that creates a stone-like look and feel.

O: Oooh, which mineral?

L: Well, it’s a bit of a trade secret right now, so I can’t tell you. But I assure you it’s non-toxic and environmentally safe.

O: You’re staying silent as a stone, I get it :). So what do you think of the result?

L: We’re really happy. First of all, the QS Stone series, which is available for the models QS01, QS20 and QS30, uses 60% less plastic. So if a company has plastic reduction or minimization as part of its company goals, that’s a win.

O: And it looks great too! You can’t see it, but I’ve got one right here in my hand. It’s heavy! It feels important.

L: It’s definitely a premium product. It’s 50% heavier than our other models, and you can really feel it when you hold it in your hand.

O: And these are special colours, right? I think I’ve got White Dolomite.

L: In additional to a range of classic colours like Gold, Silver, Copper and Black Carbon, there are 4 other mineral-inspired colours to choose from: Graphite, Red Quartzite, Blue Cobalt and White Dolomite, as you mentioned.

O: It’s really a beautiful pen. The only problem is people keep coming by my desk asking if they can see it! I’m afraid somebody is going to walk off with it!

L: That’s good news! :)

O: What, that my colleagues want to steal my pen?

L: No, it’s good news that you don’t want to let go of your pen. Because in the end, real sustainability is building products that we keep, and continue to use.

O: Not disposable, but indispensable, right?

L: Exactly. Stones stick around forever. So why not your pen? And like all Prodir products it’s refillable – including with our Floating Ball® Lead Free refill option – to last a long time. That is, as long as your colleagues don’t get it first!

O: Great, Laura. Thanks a lot for the interview. I’m going to head out to Lake Lugano now with my new pen. But this is definitely one stone no one would want to skip.

Laura Bazzali – Product Manager Pens – LinkedIn