Personalisation 2.0

The new QS00 represents a small revolution in the world of haptic promotion. It turns the writing instrument into a realm of options which is only predefined in its basic form. You determine the rest.

Through a special new process, the surface structure of the casing is individualised three-dimensionally, thereby making each QS00 unmistakably unique. To achieve this, typical elements from the product and brand world are introduced into the casing surface as a texture. When it comes to the colour of the casing, the choice is yours. This results in a unique ambassador for multi-sensorial, coherent brand communication from product to writing instrument. Design and individualisation open up a new dimension.

How does it work?

We begin the work together with you and your trusted promotional item reseller, no matter which stage you are currently at: Do you already have an idea or perhaps an initial visualisation? Or have your graphic designers or your advertising agency already come up with a vector graphic file of the writing instrument? No matter at which point we start out on our shared endeavour, we will accompany you to your QS00 by the fastest means.