A few things that are important for us

Prodir pens - Personalisable pens with finest design - Swiss Made

We love things that are fine and attractive, and especially writing instruments. Ballpoint pens which are so good that they become a part of people’s everyday lives. At home, in the office and on the go. Pens which become a constant companion and that would be sorely missed if they were no longer there.

Which is why the question “Can I please have my pen back?” is the greatest compliment that someone can pay us and our writing instruments. It is this emotional quality profile that turns them into convincing brand ambassadors.

And that is why we provide them with their timeless, fine form. Some are even considered today to be design classics and, years after their market launch, still look as fresh as they did on the first day. And with them, the logo that they carry on their clip. This also explains why, when it comes to the quality of the writing system, we are unwilling to make compromises. Because the fulfilment of the promise to really write well first makes the promise of the brand that is printed on it credible.

Just as important is the big portion of Switzerland that it contains. “Swiss made” stands for the people who work for us and earn their living here, and that questions relating to child labour don’t even arise in the first place. It is the proof that we consciously uphold one of the most stringent bodies of environmental laws in the world in the only country on Earth where the dignity of plants and animals is guaranteed in the constitution. And which also means that we send no containers over the oceans to bring back components from Asia or to deliver assembled writing instruments to our customers. Our “Swiss made” is a part of our self-image and stands for sustainable and socially responsible business practices. And we believe that this is something that is recognisable.

Originality is a fundamental part of their quality profile. Which is also why we feel that creativity is important. Because we constantly attempt to make what is already good even a bit better. A few things that are important for us With writing systems that increasingly satisfy the demands of those who write with them, and with innovative ideas, such as the new QS models, which newly define the surface concept for writing instruments as brand ambassadors.

That’s why we have also decided to continue to do just about everything ourselves. We intend to remain vertically integrated in order that everything is perfectly harmonised: from injection moulding to printing through to packaging. With every new development and with every order. Just as you’ve come to expect from us.

We simply love to produce things that people like. Because that adds to their value when you communicate with them.