New DS11: As simple as 1+1

Pens are complex technologies that have been evolving since the days of the quill and ink pot. But sometimes evolution can trend toward simplicity, as it has with our new DS11.

New DS11 is a push ballpoint pen made from only two parts. The mechanism requires no separate spring or components, but is organically a part of the casing – a clever, closed system.

And, more good news: simple is still sustainable. DS11 is made with 100% recycled ABS in black and white, and 50% in all other colours.

The 10 standard colours are lemon, red, orange, clover green, yellow green, cyan blue, navy blue, new pure water, and of course black and white. The same colours are available for the polished clip, which you can mix and match.

The pen is also available as our Designer’s Choice in the 2024 colour of the year, Red Earth, starting from only 500 units (Red Earth is available on all other models starting from 5,000 units).

DS11 will help you keep it simple in 2024, a pen for straightforward brand messages that get right to the point.