Colour of the Year: Red Earth

This year at Prodir, we are grounding ourselves in nature with our colour of the year, Red Earth. Think sunbaked clay, the warmth under your fingertips. Think depth and clarity, away from the clamour of everyday life.

As the world races ahead, our sense of gravity is restored by planting our feet. Our colour of the year, Red Earth helps us recentre and focus on stability. It communicates roots and the richness of soil, a natural foothold for new life, and new ideas.

Red Earth is also malleable and for that reason, it’s the perfect addition to any brand or campaign that wants to build something new, from the ground up.

Choosing this colour can help you and your team step into the new year feeling solid, trusting in what you have sown, ready for a year of growth.

Red Earth is available as Designer’s Choice with the new DS11, a push pen made from only two pieces, starting from only 500 units. For all other Prodir models, it’s available as a special moulding colour starting from 5,000 units.

In 2024, start conversations that are down-to-earth with Red Earth.