Colour of the Year 2023: Lime Zest

Our colour of the year, Lime Zest (PMS 365), is bright and inspiring, recalling nature and technology, and the perfect accent for your brand ambassadors in 2023.

With the new year upon us, Lime Zest is young and fresh – but not naive. The energizing colour is inspired by the pulp of the lime, a fruit that has circumnavigated the globe, moving with people and trade, from the Far East to the Far West and everywhere in between. The tree’s leaves are evergreen, like the fruit’s appeal. And every culture and generation to rediscover it has made it a central ingredient in drinks and dishes evoking life, and fun, and light.

Lime Zest is a fresh spin on green, with everything that colour communicates. When some brands make assertions about their sustainability with the same old words and in the same predictable tones, Lime Zest radiates a special kind of green energy. It’s a colour that helps you be yourself, and stand out from the pack.

Lime Zest communicates your values, your subtlety, your humour, that touch of brightness and irony and bite that says “You’re wide awake. Here I am. And this is real.” Because facts, not fakes, are certainly what we need more of this year.

The colour can be lightly and comfortably worn by your brand ambassadors, whether your core audience is Zoomers or Boomers, in industries like digital, fashion and luxury.

Lime Zest (PMS 365 in the Pantone Matching System) is available as the Designer’s Choice 2023 for the new DS6 S starting from just 500 units. For all other Prodir models it’s available as a special molding colour starting from 5,000 or 10,000 units.

Discover freshness, bite and zest for the year ahead with Lime Zest.