Everybody said it wouldn’t work.

Then along came Eric, who knew that of course, but did it anyway.

Eric Rogora (51) is responsible for injection moulds and tool-making at Prodir’s plant in Novazzano in Switzerland. He played a pivotal role in ensuring that a writing instrument’s casing was injection moulded for the first time using natural polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). A revolutionary material that also biologically degrades in Nature, quickly and without any residue. To achieve this, constant fine-tuning was required in countless tests, often lasting deep into the night. We leave the easy stuff to the others, says Eric.

The QS40 True Biotic has been awarded numerous prizes for its innovative combination of unique sustainability and high-quality design, most recently the prestigious iF Award 2022.

• NAME: Eric Rogora
• POSITION: Moulds, Tooling and Equipment Manager