We’re setting the Cloud free

You used to pay for both parts of your Cloud Pens. Now the Cloud is free.

Cloud Pens give you the best of both worlds, online and off, by empowering you to extend your haptic advertising digitally. Cloud Pens is a web app that connects your writing instrument to a mobile-engineered landing page via a discrete but user-friendly QR Code. When your clients and prospects land on your landing page, you can treat them to whatever offer you can dream up: your app download page, promotional video, menu, pdf brochure, business calling card or more.

Managing the Cloud-based digital dimension of your haptic advertising comes at a cost of course, but now this cost is on us. Starting this year, the Cloud in your Cloud Pens is free of charge.

This means that for the simple cost of your writing instruments, you get to enjoy all the many features of Cloud Pens – and there are many.

The Cloud Pens app lets you track opens, clicks and time on page, so you know how people are interacting with your digital message, and truly understand your ROI. With pixel integration for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, you can easily reconnect with people who have scanned your pen. What’s more, your landing page is flexible and easy to update, so you can optimize, refresh, or totally rehaul your advertising message to stay as relevant as you choose.

The app is as intuitive and user-friendly as all your favourite apps – but if you need help with landing page design, you can book our experienced in-house design team to create a series of design proposals for a reasonable, one-time fee.

Your Cloud Pens-enabled writing instruments come with 12 months of the Cloud at no extra cost to you, but this can be easily extended for another 12 months – or for as long as you want.

Explore the limitless possibilities with this marriage of the best of digital and haptic advertising. Discover Cloud Pens – now with the Cloud for free – today.