Little escapes

Giorgio Pagani - Pagani Pens

When you’re cycling, it doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going. On long stretches and mountain stages, endurance is what counts.

Giorgio Pagani founded Premec in 1961, 60 years ago. The company manufactures as many as eight billion ultra-precise tips every year for pen manufacturers all over the world. Prodir was spun off in the 1980s. Its elegant, high-quality writing instruments created a new segment in the haptic advertising market. After years of strong growth, Prodir and Premec merged in 2017 to form Pagani Pens SA. Giorgio Pagani still guides the company’s fortunes as its owner, CEO and President of the Board of Directors.
For those little escapes during a hectic day – sometimes you just need to clear your head – there’s always a bike at hand. This is Giorgio Pagani’s second passion, and the one that has a lot in common with his first – the company.

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