Small (and fast and light) is beautiful

You can connect your Cloud Pens QR Code to any website, right? Well, yes, in theory. But would you want to? No, not really. And here’s why.

When it comes to digital marketing, not all landing pages are the same. A web page that’s part of your corporate site may feel like it’s the best place to take your prospects when they scan the easy, intuitive QR code on your branded Cloud Pen – it feels like, you know, home. But when it comes to actually converting your prospects, there are a number of reasons why a Cloud Pens dedicated landing page may have a distinct advantage over your standard corporate website.

1. Laser focus

Corporate sites have everything you might want to tell your customers, which means they’re often something like a library: a great place to read, to learn, to browse, to dream – to get lost in. But your dedicated Cloud Pens landing page keeps your prospects on the path to conversion, by including only the essentials you include based on your specific campaign goals.

2. Easy, eternal freshness

You can update, tweak or completely revolutionize the digital offer on your dedicated landing page, completely independently of whatever’s on your website. Your pens are fully branded yet share an independent existence, creating an exclusive experience for those who have received your promotional gift. You refresh this experience with a special new promotion, your new September catalogue or this summer’s new menu. And refreshing is easy: no IT or web agency needed.

3. Sharper analytics

With a unique digital landing page connected to your Cloud Pen, you’ll know how and why people arrived there. Your traffic data is precise and trustworthy. And if you want, you can integrate your landing page data into Google Analytics in just one click so you never miss a single interaction.

4. Mobile engineered

Your Cloud Pens landing page is not only responsive, it’s specifically designed for mobile devices. Images and texts are optimized for high visibility on small screens, while CTA buttons are designed to be supremely thumb friendly.

5. Minimal weight, maximal speed

A corporate website is chock full of pages, videos, images and downloads – everything to tell your company’s full story. Content piles on content, which over time tends to weigh down the site – and slow it down. But speed is essential for conversions – as Google says, “page performance matters”. The longer your corporate page takes to load, the faster people will abandon it to check out another search page result. Thankfully, your dedicated Cloud Pens landing page is built fast and light for speed.

6. Easy retargeting

When your prospects use their Cloud Pen to engage with your brand, you can set up retargeting in a matter of seconds. No need for all the technical support, IT assistance or the digital marketing agency you might rely on for your corporate site. With Cloud Pens you can retarget your prospects in – again – just one click.

In sum, if the goal of your Cloud Pens haptic advertising is conversion, your dedicated Cloud Pens page is the launchpad for your customers’ journey.