Designer’s Choice: Sunny Mango

One year ago, when we debuted mild, low-tension Purist Blue as the Prodir colour of the year last year, we had little inkling of how much 2020 would need it.

This year we’re hoping to boost 2021 full of Vitamin C – Vitamin PMS130C, to be precise. That’s the official Pantone colour coding for uplifting the human spirit with the brightest, sunniest Colour of the year: Sunny Mango.

Suggesting both the vitamin-packed king of fruits and the life-giving power of the sun, Sunny Mango communicates optimism, vibrancy and freshness.

For companies looking to juice their brand or campaign communication this year, Sunny Mango is a clear winner.

PMS130C is available for all Prodir models starting from 5’000 units.

A new year is dawning. Let the warmth of Sunny Mango light up your brand communication in 2021.