Natural biopolymers like PHA are the way forward. It’s the star material used for the casing of our new QS40 True Biotic. And we’re so convinced, we’re not even keeping it a trade secret. We want everybody to start using PHA, which is why we’ve just gone GO!PHA.

GO!PHA (Global Organization for PHA) is a non-profit aiming to accelerate the development of PHA use in industry. But what actually is PHA? Apart from being the revolutionary raw material from which the QS40 True Biotic casing is made.

PHA is a bio-based and biodegradable raw material that solves a whole series of important problems. Microorganisms synthesize it in a natural way through the fermentation of sugars or lipids and also decompose it again in a natural environment. Only CO2, water and biomass are returned to the natural cycle. No toxic or harmful substances are used or produced in the production of PHA. The process is safe, non-toxic and does not release harmful substances. The PHA used for the production of the QS40 True Biotic is biodegradable even in natural environments such as seawater, fresh water and soil. Through communication, education, research and shared best practices, we hope to help GO!PHA help everybody go PHA, because it’s the solution we need now for a better tomorrow.

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