How do you say thank you?

In times when touch is suspect, how do you say thanks in a way you can really feel?

With the new QS50 pen from Prodir. The strong but simple message of gratitude is embossed on the pen casing in five languages: Thank You, Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Merci for your customers, employees and partners. The injection-moulded message is direct and tangible – literally thanks you can feel.

That’s why the new QS50 offers antibacterial surface protection. Using silver ion technology, a proven solution used in the food industry and medical settings, the pen casing surface promises 99.99% protection against bacteria throughout its lifespan.

Together, these aspects form a unique combination, and the standard all-white version with a plastic clip and push button is available from just 500 units.

And the QS50 promises more health for the environment as well. Like all our pens, the QS50 casing comes standard with 30% plastic regenerated from our own production waste.

As major brands around the world have been launching campaigns to show gratitude for the people who are not only helping us manage this global crisis, but can help us emerge stronger on the other side, the QS50 can be a powerful ambassador in your thank you campaign.