New QS40 Air

60% less plastic, 100% more air!

After we dissolved part of its casing into thin air, this pen sits light as a feather in its user’s hand. With this in mind, we gave it the name “Air”. It takes up to 60% less plastic to produce these models than other, comparable instruments. And, when you consider that 30% of this plastic is recycled from our own waste materials, these models are truly a breath of fresh air.

Available in matt and soft touch with three clip designs – two made from plastic, with elegant contours or sleek, straight edges, and one metal version with different finishes. The exposed refill is available in white or black as standard and in metal as an added extra. Print surface on the clip. Also available with metal button in different satin or chrome finishes. Clip holders provide individual colour accents. Features high-quality Floating Ball® 1.0 Lead Free refill as standard with lead-free tip and low-pollutant ink. Like all Prodir writing instruments, the new QS40 Air is also refillable.

P.S. Did I tell you? The QS40 Air has just won the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020.