Design your DNA Pen!

How many are you? However rare you are amongst your 7.4 billion fellow humans, your own individuality isn’t singular, fixed and immutable. You simply have too much imagination, intelligence and feeling to be one and the same person all the time. There’s diversity in your DNA. And at Prodir we want to help you make it flourish.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve launched a new Prodir online retail store for anyone who wants to translate their DNA into the language of pen design.

The DNA Pen consists of various modules that you can put together in countless expressive combinations. Compose your own unique sequence of colours, materials and surfaces, from subtle to loud, from bold to timeless, in line with your personality, style, favourite t-shirt, mood, season or occasion. Modules are made of real wood, metal or high-quality plastic, with velvety Soft-Touch or fine surface structures. You can also choose the colour of the ink refill as well.

When you design your pen and complete your order, your pen will be hand assembled, tested with Swiss precision and care, and shipped within 24 hours.

You are many, and now the only trick is deciding which part of yourself to express: your tired Monday self, your fired-up clubbing self, your infatuated self, your melancholy reflective self or who knows how many more identities you might express at a job interview, at the fitness studio or at the opera through your language, clothing or hair style. There are virtually no limits.

You are many. Visit the Prodir DNA Store and design the pen to express your many yous.