Objective: zero waste

A new generation of sustainable, recycled and lead-free writing instruments, only available through us. Conceived to be the most credible communication tools in the promotional industry for conveying your brand message of sustainability.

Our DS3, DS5 and DS8 iconic designs are now also available in a special environmentally-friendly combination: the exterior of 100% recycled plastic and the interior with the revolutionary Floating Ball® lead free refill.

A real innovation.

The plastic is regenerated from our own production waste, with the objective of zero waste. We offer casing colours in Blue, Black and Fango: a very trendy earthy and leather-toned colour used in fashion, cosmetics, ceramic elements and furnishing, derived from non-separated plastic waste.

The 100% recycled body is refillable, made to last many years, and equipped with a refill that has a lead-free tip and ink that contains no substances on the Reach SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern).

Recycled, lead-free and truly sustainable: our New DS Regeneration Pens keep their promise. And so do you.

New DS Regeneration Pens
New Floating Ball® lead free