New QS30

A talk with Christoph Schnug,  the designer behind Prodir’s new working tool.

Christoph Schnug is a product and graphic designer, owner of Studio C. He has created the concept of our innovative range of QS Peak and Pattern pens and designed most of our DS models. The new QS30 also comes from his drawing board. His designs rank among the most successful in the industry and his work has been awarded with numerous international prizes.

 Mr. Schnug, where did the inspiration come from?

For the QS30 we were inspired by very simple, day-to-day tools as screwdrivers. We focused the attention on the handle of these kind of objects in order to credibly convey the idea of a real tool, just as something every writing instrument was originally conceived as. With the new concept of our QS Pattern Pens and their three-dimensional surfaces we can do this exceptionally well.

What characterises the 3D design of the new QS30?

As I said before I think it’s really a tool, dedicated to those who need to write and work with it. Very balanced, surprising and elegant in its functionality.

What makes the new clip so interesting?

It’s the second clip for the QS range. The first one was very classical, this one is more contemporary, characterized by a simple and clean design. When you look at it from different perspectives you’ll probably see some elements which will remind you of aerospace design. Right? It’s very interesting also because of these details.

Why the new Apple-red colour?

Because it’s a wonderfully strong colour which catches the attention. That’s why among other very appealing colours we’ll introduced it this year in the QS30 range.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Schnug.