Surfaces are anything, just not superficial

While developing the concept for the new QS00, we took some time to carefully consider the road ahead for product design in general. We then reflected on how we could integrate this roadmap into our products in harmony with our idea of what makes a good writing instrument.

Not as a gimmick, but as a source of relevant added value for our customers.

What determines the potential of three-dimensional promotional medium and how can we deliver on this in an even better and more contemporary way?

The new QS00 is our initial answer to these questions. It redefines the surface of a writing instrument as a multi-sensorial communication space: Its surface can be individually designed three-dimensionally, stimulating the desire to touch and look at it.

In coordination with customers, our designers develop textures referencing typical elements of the product and brand worlds, which are then directly integrated into the surface design directly from the injection moulding of the casing.

A whole new dimension in design and personalisation – creating truly unique ambassadors for multi-sensorial, coherent brand communication, from the product to the writing instrument.

Viewing pens as a medium of communication requires us to constantly evolve the options available for their personalisation, all the while reconciling this with maintaining their design and functional quality as a writing instrument. This approach really sets our QS models apart.


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