Everyone is different, with their own unique face and individual history

This is true, of course, and yet somehow not. What’s that all about?

Because we are all built practically the same: we share 99.9 percent of our genetic material with every other person on the planet – regardless of whether we are brother and sister, come from different parts of the world, have light or dark skin, have won the Nobel Prize for Physics or belong to a native tribe living in the Amazon region out of contact with the outside world. Even with all of these differences, we are very, very alike. Only 1.5 percent of our genes are different from those of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees.

At the same time, the probability that, of the 7 billion or so people living on the earth, eight characteristics will only be shared by the same two people, is astonishingly small: around 1 in 1,000 billion. We all come into the world with the same genetic makeup, and could therefore slip into any identity we might think of: anyone could become an Einstein or a Steve Jobs if it wasn’t for other factors limiting this freedom.
But that’s another story.

You have probably guessed where we’re going with this: there is also something of this fascinating interplay of diversity and similarity in our writing instruments, too. They can assume any identity you might think of, too – they are all about being different but, despite all their individuality, they are still identifiable as a Prodir writing instrument. A thousand times different – and yet somehow always the same.

For this to work, we give you plenty to work with. Call it our DNA, the assets shared by all Prodir writing instruments: a timelessly superior stylistic idiom, a distinctive writing experience, the pleasure of communicating, a good shot of Swissness, a high life expectancy – and a kind of empathy gene, because we always consciously design them to touch people, simply because they are what they are – beautiful and functional. Just like you and I, our writing instruments are also anything but a blank sheet of paper. Right from the outset, they are marked by what makes us quintessentially Prodir.

But it is only through you, our customers, that these values and characteristics acquire an unmistakeable face and every writing instrument becomes unique. And that’s the amazing thing about our work: you let us be ourselves so that you can be yourselves. You are the ones who provide the face for our writing instruments because you find yourselves in what we are and what we do. That is probably the biggest compliment that you can ever give anyone.