Because blue isn’t just blue

There is such a vast number of blues – like the vastness of blue itself: from iconic Tiffany blue to Nivea blue through to the personal “Jay-Z Blue” of the American rapper and music producer Jay-Z.

If you are seeking an exceptional blue for your brand message, the specialists in our colour lab will get down to work and mix your individual blue (PMS) expressly for you. They will do everything to come as close as possible to your blue. Only the technical requirements of the injection mould production process make certain limitations necessary; for instance, some colours tolerate higher temperatures to a very limited extent.

With the DS3, DS8, DS9, and all QS models, you can have your individual blue already from 5’000 units, with all other models from 10’000 writing instruments. Of course, this also applies for all other colours, with the exception of varnished versions. And before your writing instrument goes into production, you will receive from us a colour badge in plastic for final approval. So that everything is as blue as you want it to be.