Please touch!

Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich - Schaudepot - "Please touch" exhibition

Perfect Timing: Right in time for the launch of our new range of QS writing instruments the Museum für Gestaltung in Zürich features an exciting show on the reciprocal effect of touching and feeling in contemporary product designWhat happens when you touch, press or activate something? What effect does touching objects have on them?

In a museum barriers or display cases often ensure a distance between the object and the viewer. “Please Touch!” turns the tables around for once and encourages people to (quite literally) grasp the world of industrial and everyday products. Precisely in our visually and digitally shaped culture real objects acquire a special importance. The tactile perception of their materiality results in the kind of sensual experience that has become increasingly rare.

The exhibition presents a wide selection of exhibits from the area of contemporary product design. It examines the interaction of material and form, the interface of hand and object, or the reciprocal effect of touching and feeling.