What does your favorite couple look like as a pen couple?

Simply send us a photo of your favorite couple at [email protected], and within 24 hours we will configure and post your matching pen couple here on our blog.

Our most assiduous readers will already know that relation is the main theme of the latest issue of Open, the Prodir magazine. Romantic, open, parental, professional … all of us, singles including, daily live various types of relationships.

We look forward to receiving your pictures!

In this photo

For Katja and her dear colleague we have configured a Prodir DS9 with ring and a DS1 with dot! We hope you like them :)

A special thank you for the cute Christmas photo and the kind words:

“Relations amongst colleagues are referred to as professional relationships. A good professional relationship is characterised by mutual respect, effective collaboration, creative exchange of point of views and (if lucky) it lasts for years. “

Rightly said so!