A piece of nature, merely borrowed

People love writing with our ballpoint pens and tend to use them for a long time. This is a decisive factor in our pens’ environmental footprint. But that’s not all.

All Prodir pens are designed for a long useful life from cap to tip. They are produced in Switzerland according to the strictest environmental standards, avoiding long transport distances. Now, the DS3 is available as a Biotic Pen, which takes our commitment even further.

Those who want to communicate sustainability through the choice of material for their brand ambassador can now also opt for the DS3 design classic as a Biotic Pen: eighty percent of its components are made from natural and biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA for short)*. A piece of nature used to make a durable, beautiful and practical writing instrument.

The names of the colours were also inspired by the natural world: sea, snow, night, fire, carrot, sand and grass are the standard colours available for the DS3 Biotic. In the Sand version, wood powder (FSC) is added to the bioplastic to achieve the typical sand-like effect. The Biotic Pen relief on the side of the cap underlines the special quality of the material, making it recognisable for users.

pen writing ink* In conformity with the European norm EN 13432. The casing and mechanism are produced using biologically-compatible PLA. Including the refill and spring, this means that the ballpoint is up to 80% compostable. The manufacture takes place in line with Switzerland’s exemplary environmental standards. The production in the heart of Europe, close to our customers, keeps the CO2 emissions of our transport logistics to a minimum.