What job do our pens actually do for you?

The American marketing expert Clayton Christensen believes that we can boil down any questions we pose to our customers to just one: “What do you hire our product for?”

A good question if you think about it. It is a question which allows us to change our perception of our own product, while the answer indicates what has to be changed in a product to make it better suited to its task.

If you ask this question to companies that use Prodir ballpoint pens for their communication, you generally receive two answers. The first: the pens’ primary job is to write well and look great. And the second, which quickly follows on its heels: because the people who write with them relate these characteristics to our brand.

That is what we offer you: Writing instruments that are where you want to be with your message, and which represent this message in an effective and credible way. That is their job. They are not only ballpoint pens and not only promotional space, while writing they also honour what is printed on them. They establish relationships and serve as representatives.

Their job description would be roughly as follows: “We are looking for credible ambassadors that communicate what is important to us in every aspect of their role, even if we are unable to be present in that moment: close-up, direct and based on positive experiences, whether at home, on the go, in the office or during leisure time.”

If this is the job description for your next brand ambassador, please consider the issue #02 of Open, the Prodir Magazine, as a letter of application.