Good advertising, it is said, answers three questions

Role play: you are the person reading this post, and we are Prodir

You: Why do you do what you do, instead of something else?
Us: Because pens are what we know best. We have never done anything other than pens and have no wish to do anything else. Because we enjoy creating pens at such high technical and design standards that strong brands want to use them as their brand ambassadors. Because we don’t look for the smallest but the greatest common denominator between you and us. Because our pens are effective brand ambassadors for this very reason. And because developing and producing these pens, therefore always remains exciting.

You: What problem do you solve for me, your customer?
Us: We create a closeness that you cannot otherwise achieve. We succeed in keeping you close to your customers with your message on a high-quality, useful everyday object. This object is present in both private and professional life, without people having to turn on the TV or PC, read the newspaper, listen to the radio or take a walk to receive your message. A most unassuming object. And you can trust it, so you don’t have to worry: We give the pen everything it needs to play its role as an ambassador convincingly and for a long period of time. The pen not only looks good, it is also reliable and comfortable to use. It honours the promise that you want people to connect with your brand, even if you don’t happen to be there at the time.

You: Why did your management get out of bed this morning?
Us: That is due to you, as you are very demanding customers. Besides, anything else would be plain boring. Markets are conversations. We look forward to any further question!